Local Climate Resiliency

solar panels in field of grassMission:

This page provides resources for sustainable living as well as Eastham’s ongoing work related to sea level rise, coastal storms, and renewable energy initiatives.

Assessments & Planning:

Center for Coastal Studies Stormtide Pathways Project

Visit the links and sites below to learn more about various policies to support climate & resiliency initiatives in Eastham and the region.

Local Efforts in Eastham

Learn More About What We Are Doing in Eastham.

Low Lying Road Vulnerability Assessment, 2020

View: Low Lying Road Assessment

Assessment of the Century-Scale Sediment Budget for the Eastham and Wellfleet Coasts of Cape Cod Bay, 2018

View : Sediment Budget for Eastham and Wellfleet

Potential Impacts to the Nauset Barrier, 2019

View: Nauset Barrier Beach Technical Report

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Plan, 2019

View: Preparedness Plan

Hazard Mitigation Plan, 2020

View: Hazard Mitigation Plan

Increasing Coastal Resiliency Through Intermunicipal Shoreline Management – Phase 1, 2020

View: Shoreline Management Plan

In Progress

Nauset Barrier Configuration Study and Benthic Habitat Study – Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, 2022

Phase Two of Inter-Municipal Shoreline Management in Cape Cod Bay – Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, 2022