Non-Commercial Farm Animals Regulations

On July 29, 2021, the Eastham Board of Health adopted regulations on the keeping of non-commercial farm animals. A permit is required for any non-commercial farm animal (chickens/ducks/geese and rabbits require a permit for more than 3 animals). The permitting process for non-commercial farm animals is:

  • Completed Non-Commercial Farm Animal Application (PDF)Baby cow calf Opens in new window
  • Calendar year water test (visit the Water Testing FAQs page for more information)
  • Certified plot plan (must show dimensions of the area where animals will be kept, exercised, and sheltered, food storage and waste collection sites, location of primary residence, fences, abutting structures, septic systems, private wells and wetlands (within a 100' radius))
  • Animal care plan (information from regulation section E4 must be provided)
  • Owner authorization (if applicant is not the owner)
  • If new structures will be added, a building permit must be applied for in conjunction with the animal permit application.

Once the completed application packet is received, it will be reviewed by the Eastham Animal Inspector and Eastham Health Department staff. The applicant will be referred to the conservation or building department if additional approvals are needed.

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