Landfill Information

Eastham Landfill is located on approximately 38 acres near Old Orchard Road. Landfill map

The landfill area consists of several different parts, including the active transfer station and the Department of Public Works. The "closed landfill" occupies approximately 10.4 acres in the southern portion. The "closed landfill" began operations in 1937 and ceased in the mid-1990s. The final cover was substantially complete in July 1997. The closure approval with conditions was issued on June 29, 1998, by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Environmental Monitoring Plan

An environmental monitoring plan for after the landfill closed was approved by DEP in April 1994. It was during this monitoring that a problem with contaminant migration was detected. In February 2001 a Comprehensive Site Assessment (CSA) Status Review focused on the potable drinking water wells (groundwater status) downgradient of the Landfill. The downgradient is southeast of the landfill site. In July 2002, DEP outlined a more extensive groundwater sampling protocol in an attempt to evaluate Landfill monitoring wells and residential private wells for standard and extended parameters. The tests indicated a possible migration of 1, 4 Dioxane off the landfill moving in the southeast direction. The Town of Eastham has expanded testing of private wells to cover the area which may be affected by the migration. In 2017, DEP accepted the modification closing the IRAP response, and returned to standard monitoring protocols.

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