Why do I get a Personal Property tax bill for my home and how is the value calculated?

Early in the writing of MA General Laws a personal property tax was created on a property owner's non real estate items such as farming tools and equipment, horses, cattle, furniture, appliances, etc. After many years the law was revised to exempt these items from taxation if the property was the "domicile" or primary residence of the owner.

Rather than requiring that Assessors value all the furniture, appliances, and furnishings in each city and town, the Department of Revenue requires that a study be conducted by the Assessing office every six years to determine the average value of the furniture, appliances and furnishings in homes, as a percentage of the building value. Our data indicated that on average the estimated market value of the personal property in Eastham is 1% of the building value for residential parcels and condominiums.

Personal Property Tax FAQs

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12. Why do I get a Personal Property tax bill for my home and how is the value calculated?
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