What can I do?

While this bylaw applies to commercial businesses, non-profits, and other entities, to reduce the impact of plastics becoming an environmental hazard as a resident or visitor, you can:

  • Carry a re-fillable water bottle (or two) with you.
  • Use bamboo or stainless steel straws.
  • Bring your own re-usable bags when shopping. You can also purchase re-usable produce bags. Keep extras in your vehicle for last minute errands.
  • Do not litter, check around you when leaving the beach, and dispose of all waste properly. Be sure light items are anchored down so they don't blow away.
  • Check the back of your pick up truck for any loose plastic items that could blow out and become litter.
  • Use pinwheels instead of balloons (There are also paper pinwheels you can purchase).

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