What does the Eastham bylaw cover?

At Town Meeting held in September 2020, Eastham voters approved adopting a bylaw banning certain single-use plastics from commercial sale or distribution, effective September 21, 2021. The bylaw was approved by the Attorney General. The bylaw prohibits the following single-use, petroleum-based plastic products from being commercially sold or distributed:

  • Single-use plastic water bottles
  • Plastic checkout bags
  • Balloons filled with lighter than air gasses (helium)
  • Plastic Straws
  • Polystyrene food service containers (bowls, cups, trays, plates)
    • Alternatives must be 100% recyclable, sale/distribution of commercial composting items are not permitted at this time
  • Drinking cups and lids
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Foam packing peanuts
  • Polystyrene foam coolers

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1. What does the Eastham bylaw cover?
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