Can I burn brush in my yard?

Open burning of natural brush (storm debris, NOT leaves or construction material) is allowed during the Open Burning Season, between January 15th and May 1st annually. Burning must be done between 10 am and extinguished by 4 pm. You are required to obtain an open burning permit prior to burning brush. The permit is $10 and is valid for the entire burning season. These permits may be obtained at the Eastham Fire Station on or after January 10th.

The permit holder must call the Eastham Fire Department at 508-240-5931 each day for permission to burn.

The determination to allow burning is based upon recommendations from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and local fire officials. Occasionally, due to conditions outside of our control, a burn season may be suspended early. This decision is determined by the State Fire Marshal and cannot be overridden.

If you have other questions, please call the Eastham Fire Department at:

Read additional Information on Massachusetts open burning safety.

Download a copy of Eastham's Burning Regulations (PDF).

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1. Can I burn brush in my yard?
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