Meeting Agenda Posting Procedure

Eastham Town SealMeeting and Agenda Posting Requirements of Town of Eastham Boards, Committees and Commissions

**You are required to read the guidelines and submission chart on this page BEFORE you submit an agenda, posting or meeting calendar event.**

Agenda Submission Required Format

The Clerk's Office is responsible for posting agendas that contain complete information in order to meet Open Meeting Law as well as provide clear and transparent meeting information to the public to inform and encourage civic participation. ALL Agendas submitted must contain the following:

  • Board/Committee NAME
  • Meeting TIME
  • Meeting LOCATION - actual location or virtual instructions. Hybrid meetings need both.
  • ANY AND ALL agenda items to be discussed and in order of discussion. The meeting follows the scheduled agenda items so they must be presented in the proper and clear order. 
  • A link to any necessary supplementary information that is necessary to participate in the discussion such as a meeting packet, related study or other information necessary to the discussion.
  • **Do not forget to check your meeting room availability and/or reserve it here: Meeting Room Facility Reservations

How to Submit Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Official Agendas must be emailed in a Word or PDF document format that contains all necessary Board information. If your board or committee is in need of a template, please contact the Clerk's office and they will send a blank template to you that contains standard information for you to use. 

Meeting Minutes are preferred to be emailed to the Town Clerk's office in a Word or PDF form. Signatures are not required on meeting minutes per state law as the acceptance of meeting minutes by a Board/Committee is officially recognized during the agenda item of accepting of previous meeting's minutes and that vote/acceptance is included in the recording of the minutes.

All Agendas & Minutes must be emailed to: and copy and received per the time schedule below to meet all open meeting law posting requirements. 

The 48-hour posting requirement for all governmental meetings and/or agendas does not include Saturdays, Sundays and/or holidays. To adhere to the 48 hour posting requirement for all governmental meetings and agendas the schedule below must be followed.

AGENDA MUST BE RECEIVED BY times below are to ensure the Town Clerk's Office can receive the agenda in a timely enough manner for staffing and to address any errors. The Town Clerk's Office is open to the public and subject to staff availability and business hours. 

Eastham Agenda Posting Submission Schedule

Follow the above guidelines to submit agenda postings to meet open meeting law. Contact the Clerk's office with questions.
Scheduled Meeting Time MUST RECEIVE AGENDA BY
MON AM Previous Wednesday by 2:30pm
MON PM Previous Thursday by 3:30pm
TUES AM Previous Friday by 12:30pm
TUES PM Previous Friday by 12:30pm
WED AM Previous Friday by 12:30pm
WED PM Previous Monday by 2:30pm
THURS AM Previous Monday by 2:30pm
THURS PM Previous Tuesday by 2:30pm
FRI AM Previous Tuesday by 2:30pm
FRI PM Previous Wednesday by 2:30pm