Charter Review Committee

Eastham Town SealCharter Review Committee Charge

  1. Charter. The Town Charter provides that this Committee is established “for the purpose of reviewing the provisions of the Charter and to make a report, with recommendations to the Town Meeting, concerning any proposed amendments or revision which said Committee may deem to be necessary or desirable.” Article III, §C3-10.
    • Your recommendations should be in the form of the specific language you recommend for the wording of any proposed amendments or revisions to the Charter. Those recommendations will appear as one or more warrant articles, in your discretion. Your report should explain the reasons for each of your recommendations. A copy of the full Town Charter is attached to this charge.
  2. Timing. The Committee's recommendations should be finalized in time to present to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) and the Finance Committee (FinCom) no later than February 15, 2020. This schedule will permit the BOS and FinCom to review the Committee's recommendations and make their own recommendations regarding your proposed warrant articles in time to be reflected in the printed warrant. This means that drafts of recommendations should be ready earlier so that you will be in a position to get feedback from BOS and FinCom and from the public to your draft before your recommendations are finalized.
  3. Input. During the process of developing your recommendations you should seek written or in person input from the town's residents and non-resident taxpayers, from the Town Administrator, Town Clerk, Board of Selectmen, various Town Committees, and, through the Town Administrator, from Town Departments. Procedures for seeking such input should be devised by the Committee. You may invite other persons to make recommendations to the Committee in person or in writing, as you see fit.
  4. Assistance. When required you may request assistance from the Town Administrator, Town Counsel or Town Moderator.
  5. Organizational meeting. The Town Moderator and Town Administrator will work with you to find an agreeable date for your first meeting, at which time the Committee will be organized. At that initial meeting, the Town Moderator and Town Administrator will provide a brief orientation for the Committee and the Committee will elect a Chair, Vice Chair and Clerk (Secretary), set a preliminary schedule for subsequent meetings and undertake such other business as the Committee determines.


NamePositionTerm Year
Adele BlongVice Chair2020
Aimee EckmanMember2020
Elizabeth GawronMember2020
William Darin KrumMember2020
Kara RiskSecretary2020
Peter WadeChair2020

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