Capital Projects Committee

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Capital Projects Committee Charge

Type of Committee: Statutory by Charter

Overall Charge: The capital projects committee shall oversee the management of any municipal project of $1,000,000 or more financed through the issuance of bonds, including the expenditure of funds.

Primary Goal:   The Committee will work to ensure that each capital project is completed on-time and within the Town Meeting appropriation.

Responsibilities:   The role of the committee is to:   •       Hold open, transparent meetings, so that residents and stakeholders may hear and understand the progress of the town's large and complex projects. •       Comply with State procurement laws and assist with the selection process for architects, engineers, or external project managers. •       Work with town staff to ensure that any problems that arise during the project are addressed and decisions made in a timely manner. •       Make decisions, advise, and/or vote on any items that are brought to the committee including, but not limited to: change orders, design changes, material or other substitutions, or any other item brought before them by the project team. •       Participate in monitoring the progress of the project from design through construction, addressing any unforeseen conditions, to ensure that the project is on time and within budget and that all contractual obligations are fulfilled and/or otherwise addressed.     Membership:   The capital projects committee shall consist of 5 voting members, who shall be permanent committee members, and the committee may be supplemented as described below for specific projects: The 5 permanent committee members shall be:   •       The town manager or, at the town manager's discretion, the director of municipal finance, serving ex officio. •       2 members appointed by the select board for 3-year overlapping terms; and •       2 members appointed by the finance committee for 3-year overlapping terms. •       Up to 2 additional voting members may be appointed for each specific project by the committee to serve for as long as the committee is overseeing that project and who may only participate as committee members with regard to the project for which they are appointed; provided, however, that where the project was sponsored or requested by a multimember body or the project would impact on the facility of a multimember body, there shall be at least 1 appointee who is a member of the multimember body.

Meetings: The Committee will have regular meetings, at least quarterly, and post minutes for review.

Updated June 2023

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