Animal Control


The Eastham Police Department's Animal Control responsibilities include the investigation of animal complaints, providing rabies clinics, dog bite investigations, vicious animal complaints, barn and kennel inspections, and animal quarantines to name only a few of its responsibilities.

The police department instituted the Animal Control function in 1985. There is one officer assigned to this responsibility full-time. Officer Desmond Keogh is a fully trained police officer additionally assigned as the Animal Control Officer. He has received additional training by attending the Animal Control Officer's Academy and working with the Animal Rescue League. He is a member of the Animal Control Officer's Association and maintains current knowledge of laws pertaining to the control of animals and the efforts currently utilized to protect against the spread of rabies in the Commonwealth.

Nuisance Animals

The town of Eastham's Animal Control Officer will gladly assist you with a variety of animal issues. The officer cannot assist with nuisance animals such as skunks, raccoons, or squirrels that get into an attic, basement, or chimney. If you have such a problem you must contract with an animal removal company. You should refer to your local yellow pages under "Pest Control" to get the names and telephone numbers of some such companies. We do not endorse any company, we merely point to this information for your follow-up.

The animal control officer handles approximately 750 to 1000 calls annually.

Officer Keogh can be reached by calling 508-255-0551, ext. 3339 or by emailing Animal Control.