Outdoor Dining Program

Eastham's new local regulations for Outdoor Dining go into effect April 1, 2023. Do these regulations apply to your restaurant? Why were they created? What is the process for getting an outdoor dining space approved? Review the resources below for answers to these questions, and more! 

Need more information? Contact the Community Development Department at 508-240-5900, ext. 3231.

Accessory Outdoor Dining Goals:

  • Provide a clear path for local restaurants to retain or add an Accessory Outdoor Dining Area
  • Support resiliency, adaptability, and competitiveness of local businesses in Eastham
  • Ensure compliance with local and state regulatory requirements for zoning, public safety, and health
  • Provide guidance for outdoor dining materials, equipment, and aesthetic appearance
  1. Apply for Outdoor Dining
  2.  Outdoor Dining Bylaw
  3. Design Guidelines
  4. FAQs

Apply to add an Accessory Outdoor Dining Area

To add an Outdoor Dining Area to an existing restaurant business, please complete the Accessory Outdoor Dining Application packet. The packet includes a checklist to verify that all necessary information is included in your application.