Commercial Shellfish Permit

                                                    COMMERCIAL PERMIT ELIGIBILITY
Eastham Commercial Shellfish Permit Applications are accepted January 1-March 31 each year. Applications received after March 31 will not be accepted. Each applicant for a commercial shellfish permit shall be a resident and domiciled in the Towns of Eastham or Orleans for a period of twelve (12) months prior to the application. If at any time the permit holder should change domicile to another town, the permit holder shall immediately notify the Shellfish Constable and the permit shall be surrendered to the Shellfish Constable. In case of hardship, temporary retention or issuance of permit may be allowed subject to approval by the Orleans Select Board based on recommendation of the Shellfish Constable. To prove residence/domicile, applicants shall provide a minimum of three (3) of the following: 
1.)    A current motor vehicle driver's license;
2.)    A current motor vehicle excise tax bill issued by the Town;
3.)    A current real estate tax bill issued by the Town;
4.)    A current lease or rental agreement of the applicant's residence/domicile in the Town;
5.)    A current listing on the Town census;
6.)    Or any other documentation as approved by the Shellfish Constable.

                                              PURCHASING A COMMERCIAL SHELLFISH PERMIT
Contact the Eastham Natural Resources Department to obtain a Commercial Shellfish Permit Application. Applications are not available on the website and require approval of the Shellfish Constable.

$200 - persons 14-69 years of age
$12   - persons 70 years of age and older