Proposed Zoning Amendments 2022

The Residential Zoning Task Force was established by Eastham’s Select Board and charged with examining zoning issues related to homes and housing including but not limited to non-resident property ownership, possible limits to conversion of housing for commercial purposes and merger of lots for large homes, protection of historic homes and alternative housing such as tiny homes. 

The Residential Zoning Task Force is recommending five amendments to the Town’s Zoning Bylaws (Articles 13A-13E below). We believe these changes will offer important new tools to support Eastham’s strategic goals to incentivize the creation and/or preservation of year-round rental housing, low and moderate-income housing and seasonal workforce housing, all types of housing critically needed by residents and businesses. The Phase 1 Interim Report (below) provides more detailed information on the Task Force recommendations.

In addition to the five housing related zoning amendments proposed by the Task Force, The Planning Board is also recommending amendments related to accessory outdoor dining areas (Articles 13G and 13H below) and a proposed amendment to the sign code requiring standards for private street name signs (Article 13I below).

Proposed Zoning Amendments