Billing & Bill Computation

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Data for the excise bills is prepared by the Registry of Motor Vehicles according to the information on the motor vehicle registration. The Assessors cannot make any changes to your mailing information and/or the town in which the vehicle is garaged. This information must be updated with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. 

Bill Computation

An excise at the rate of $25 per one thousand dollars of valuation is levied on each motor vehicle. Figures are the manufacturers’ list prices for vehicles in their year of manufacture (MSRP). Present market value, price paid, or condition are not considered for excise tax purposes. The excise tax law (M.G.L. c.60A, s.1) establishes its own formula for valuation for state tax purposes whereby only the manufacturer’s list price and the age of the motor vehicle are considered. The formula is as follows:

  • In the year preceding the designated year of manufacture (brand new car released before model year) 50%
  • In the designated year of manufacture 90%
  • In the second year 60%
  • In the third year 40%
  • In the fourth year 25%
  • In the fifth and succeeding years 10%


Excises are prorated on a monthly basis. If a motor vehicle is registered after the beginning of any calendar year, no excise will be imposed for those months, if any, which have fully elapsed before the vehicle is registered. If a vehicle is registered for any part of a month, however, the excise will be due for all of that month. The annual excise due on a car registered after January 1 will be reduced, therefore, by one-twelfth of the full year's excise for every month prior to the one in which the vehicle was registered. 

For example, a vehicle is registered on March 28 will be taxable for ten months (March through December). In no event shall the excise be assessed for less than $5.00, nor shall an abatement or refund under Section 1 of Chapter 60A reduce an excise to less than $5.00.